Special Education
Centro Professor Albuquerque e Castro
The Centro Professor Albuquerque e Castro, founded in 1956, produces books, publications and other materials in Braille.
The Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto accomplishes thusly the task of making information, culture and literacy accessible to blind people.
In the Centre editions with running lengths greater than 1,000 copies are still produced in the traditional way, whereas copies with less running lengths are done by computer.

Centro Integrado de Apoio à Deficiência
The Centro Integrado de Apoio à Deficiência promotes citizenship and the quality of life for people with special needs, stemming from disability or disabilities, in order to achieve an equitable society.
This results from the integration of the Instituto de Araújo Porto (a school for deaf children), the Instituto de São Manuel (school for blind children) and Centro Professor Albuquerque e Castro Centre (Braille printing centre).
This specialized school became a support centre, recognized in the community for the promotion of services and integrated interventions, and overall quality, which aims to occupy and integrate people with specific needs on a constant exchange between the community and the family.