Information and Conditions

In the visit to MMIPO, schools and other institutional groups should take into consideration the following aspects:

> to schedule a guided visit it is necessary to fill in and submit the form and wait until the visit is confirmed;

> the visits should start on schedule. If there is the need to change, the VS should be contacted as soon as possible;

> on the day of the visit, if there is a delay of more than five minutes, the person in charge of the group must immediately notify AS via phone;

> school groups must be accompanied by, at least, one teacher/supervisor. It is recommended the presence of two teachers/supervisors in groups of more than 20 children/young people;

> on arrival, the person in charge must go to the reception to collect the tickets. It is prohibited to enter the building with large objects such as umbrellas, and food. Except with authorization, the recording of images/sound is prohibited.

For more information, please contact the Visitor Service by email: or by phone: (+351) 220 906 960.

To book a guided visit, please fill out the form.