The Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto has secular tradition in healthcare.
Throughout its 500 years of history the Misericórdia do Porto has had seven hospitals, with emphasis on the Hospital de Santo António where medicine was taught for 130 years (and of which the Misericórdia do Porto is still owner of the property), as well as a nursing school.
Currently it owns two health units and manages a third:
> Centro Hospitalar Conde de Ferreira (1883)
> Hospital da Prelada - Dr. Domingos Braga da Cruz (1988)
> Centro de Reabilitação do Norte - Dr. Ferreira Alves (2013)

Centro Hospitalar Conde Ferreira
The Centro Hospitalar Conde de Ferreira is a healthcare unit of national and international reference in the area of mental health.
It ensures technical support for multidisciplinary and humane environment, using innovative scientific knowledge in the comprehensive care of the target community.
The first hospital built from scratch for psychiatry in Portugal it stands out for innovation, keeping the call for assistance, training and research in the field of psychiatry and mental health.

Hospital da Prelada
The Hospital da Prelada is a healthcare facility of excellence.
Internationally recognized for the quality of services and the provision of specialized care, it focuses on the diversification o areas of clinical intervention.
The first hospital (with protocol with the social security) in Portugal to obtain Total Quality Accreditation by CHKS - Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems, it integrates the National Hospital Network, from its foundation, and competes in the private health care market, thus addressing the community's health needs.

Centro de Reabilitação do Norte
The Centro de Reabilitação do Norte is a hospital of reference in the national health rehabilitation offer.
It is part of the National Health Service and the Network of Referral for Hospital of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, completing the national industry network.
With a corporate mission to create value for users and meet exemplary standards, the broad lines of action and strategic objectives are determined by the alignment of the policies defined in the National Health Plan and Health Plan of the Northern Region.