Visitor Service

Opened in 2015, the MMIPO - Museu da Misericórdia do Porto is a space dedicated to the memory of the institution, asserting itself as a place of learning, communication, reflection and enjoyment. Thus, the Museum will seek to establish an ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders through a program of activities, in accordance with the general programming of the Museum, focusing on art collections, in carrying out temporary exhibitions and celebration of anniversaries.

In addition to guided visits, tailored to the interests of different audiences, the Museum's Visitor Service (VS) will offer tours and themed itineraries to other spaces and buildings related to the history of the Misericórdia do Porto.

The VS's action will be guided by the involvement of several tourist, social and educational players, seeking thereby to contribute to the regional development and social inclusion.

Generally speaking, this Service aims to:

> raise awareness and motivate different people to the themes of Misericórdia do Porto and Misericórdias in general related to citizenship, social solidarity, art and architecture;

> publicize the history of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto, in its different areas of action, through the role of benefactors and provedores;

> collaborating with teachers and monitors in the preparation of activities, through continued work and partnerships, field trips, thematic lessons in order to stimulate the students taste for discovery, for creativity and for critical thinking;

> creating social and cultural experiences in order to develop new audiences;

> strengthening intergenerational relationships;

> collaborate with groups with specific requests.