Porto: O Hospital de Santo António no Tempo da Cidade

Hélder Pacheco

Publisher: Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto e Edições Afrontamento
Year: 2010
ISBN: 978-972-36-1079-6
Language: portuguese
Dimension: 28x25 cm

Weight: 2600g

Pages: 442

Binding: hard cover

"The history of the Hospital de Santo António, whatever the perspective we take, emerges as a path of determination, audacity and altruism. Firstly its construction, which regardless of the megalomania of the project and the erroneous location, constituted an urgent need to the city. However, as it would be demonstrated in this book - sometimes through protests and recriminations - to build and maintain their Hospital, the inhabitants of Porto and its Misericórdia were often alone and unsupported by the Central Power which, at decisive moments, treated Porto with arrogance (or even spite). Only in the mid-twentieth century did the Central Power looking at the city in a fair measure in terms of its hospital needs."

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