Manuscritos, Pintura e Escultura da Misericórdia do Porto

Estêvão Zulmiro Braga Samagaio (coord.)

Publisher: Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto
Year: 1999

Language: portuguese

Dimensions: 29x22cm

Weight: 560g

Pages: 88

Binding: soft cover

"The exposure of any Artistic Heritage of a Misericórdia is always a moment of reunion between the proud past and the present which is built daily.

In the case of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia, this exhibition also corresponds to the affirmation of the vitality of a city and a region, which has taken the Solidarity and Love For One Another, as a philosophy and a practice that, over the centuries, has contributed to shape the personality and idiosyncrasies of this land and its people (...)." (Manuel de Lemos)

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