História da Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto (vol. 3)

Eugénio de Andrea da Cunha e Freitas

Publisher: Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto
Year: 1995
ISBN: 972-96628-1-9
Language: portuguese

Dimensions: 24x17

Weight: 1555g

Pages: 592

Binding: hard cover

"Magalhães Basto, in addition to addressing the origins of the Confraternity of Porto, digs deeper: The History of Portugal is the natural framework always present. It refers to the national origins of this fantastic movement that was the foundation of the Misericordias, highlighting the virtues of this sublime woman, the Queen Lady Dona Leonor. Magalhães Basto looks far beyond the city walls. To that extent, this study represents an important contribution to the history of the movement of social solidarity in Portugal." (Francisco Ribeiro da Silva)

Volume III - Chapter I: The Benefactors; Chapter II: More benefactors in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; Chapter III: The Government Misericórdia; Chapter IV: Provedors and Registrars of the House; Chapter V: The Commitments 1594 and 1646; Chapter VI: Provedors and Registrars after the Commitment (1643-1772); Chapter VII: The Misericórdia Church (1610-1683); Chapter VIII: The Misericórdia Church (1688-1770); Chapter IX: The New Sacristy and the courtyard Chapel; Chapter X: Administration Building,, Registry and other facilities; Chapter XI: organs, organ builders and organists. The music Chapel; Chapter XII: Two serious incidents with Mitra; Chapter XIII: The Hospital of D. Lopo de Almeida (1635-1770); Chapter XIV: Doctors, Surgeons and Bleeders; Chapter XV: Apothecaries; Chapter XVI: The Misericórdia and the Restauração.

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