História da Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto (vol. 1)

Artur de Magalhães Basto

Publisher: Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto (2.ª ed.)
Year: 1997
ISBN: 972-96628-3-5
Language: portuguese

Dimensions: 24x17cm

Weight: 1690g

Pages: 592

Binding: hard cover

"Magalhães Basto, in addition to addressing the origins of the Confraternity of Porto, digs deeper: The History of Portugal is the natural framework always present. It refers to the national origins of this fantastic movement that was the foundation of the Misericordias, highlighting the virtues of this sublime woman, the Queen Lady Dona Leonor. Magalhães Basto looks far beyond the city walls. To that extent, this study represents an important contribution to the history of the movement of social solidarity in Portugal." (Francisco Ribeiro da Silva)

Contens :

Volume I - From the Origins to 1584 (I. The Era; II The Queen Leonor; III. Foundation of Misericórdia; IV. The «resurrection» of Contreira; V. How a legend emerged; VI. Originality of Portuguese Misericórdias;. VII. Porto in the fifteenth century; VIII. The first headquarters of Misericórdia do Porto;.. IX To its Destiny ...; X. The Mysterious "Fons Vitae"; XI. The old charity houses of Porto; XII. The first hospital of Misericórdia; XIII. Laying the roots; XIV. Misericórdia on Flores Street; XV. The Brotherhood Administrative machine; XVI. "Let us not love in word ... but in deed and in truth!"; XVII And the night came down ...) Notes and Documents (I. Iconography of Queen Leonor; II. Order of Inquiry of Trindade Order; III. King Manuel I and the Misericórdia de Lisboa; IV Misericórdia of Florence 1490 Commitment; V. The first commitment of Misericórdia do Porto, VI. The "charola" of the Porto Cathedral and the Chapel of Alãos; VII. Pedro Julião or Pope John XXI, VIII. Bishop Julião Fernandes, IX. Father André Coutinho and tapestries of India's History; X. The plague of 1575).

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