Guide of the Museum of the Misericórdia do Porto

António Tavares
Francisco Ribeiro da Silva
Laura Castro

Publisher: Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto
Year: 2015
ISBN: 978-989-8578-24-2
Languages: portuguese; english; spanish.
Dimensions: 23×15 cm
Weight: 235g
Page number: 82
Binding: soft cover

"This guide is like a map for the visitor of our museum. It highlights the willingness to make a visit to the past of an institution.

Created between the trip to India and Brazil, in 1499, we are the legitimate heirs of a tradition that consubstantiates itself in the name of our museum - MMIPO, Museu da Misericórdia do Porto.
The dream meets with the reality of our collection in the form a memory that is perpetuated in time. I believe it was the Conde de Samodães who first spoke about a Museum of Misericórdia do Porto, at the end of the nineteenth century." (António Tavares)

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